The HIMALAYAN BLUES FESTIVAL is a Nepali originated artistic-cultural event, whose objective is to promote Blues music developed in the United States and to integrate it with the roots and the folklore of our country, as well as to offer a different alternative from those that are generally presented on festivals and artistic-cultural activities in Nepal. It promotes various other genres which are the ramifications of Blues together with Folk and Ethnic music. The Himalayan Blues Festival 2010 was also expanded to Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The main aim is to promote Himalayan Blues as an Asian Music Festival travelling it to as many nations as possible in future years. The 2013 festival will be the 7th edition of the festival since its inception in 2007.

The festival offers: Concerts, Clinics, and Conferences with the participation of International musicians, in addition to great Asian artists in the genre. This is an integral spectacle which finds a balance between its social, cultural, economic and recreational objectives, which turn it into an event of great quality, which is expected an attendance of hundreds of foreign and local people during the festival. The 2013 festival will probably be the bigger festival with great musicians and more cities.

Himalayan Blues Festival and Tourism

The Himalayan Blues festival will bring an array of musicians and will localize the event with the Asian musicians. The Himalayan Blues festival also is very popular with the tourists and expats. The Himalayan Blues Festival has been supported by the Nepal Tourism Board as one of its sponsors. It has also been supported by the missions based in Nepal through cultural grants. In Nepal its one of the biggest and most anticipated musical event.

As tourism is the vital part of South Asia, the festival aims to flow of tourists and aims it as a recreation for the travelling musicians as well. The festival also has been covered extensively by the media all around the world. It’s one of those festivals which attract artist and audience with its name. “Kathmandu Blues”, a movie about the festival has also been released worldwide by a very well know kiwi filmmaker Costa Botes. Botes is also known for his work with the Lord of the Rings and Candyman.

Previously Featured Bands & Musicians

Hans Thessink (Austria)
Oliver Mally and Martin Gasselsberger (Austria)
Owen Campbell (Australia)
Jimi Hocking's Blues Machine (Australia)
Pugsley Buzzard and John Trevena (Australia)
Kniki and Mike Beale (Australia)
Jonno Zilber (Australia)
Dan Klarskov (Denmark)
Kenn Lending (Denmark)
Black River Bluesman (Finland)
Wentus Blues Band (Finland)
Ramshackle (Ireland/Germany/Australia All stars)
Parachute XVI (India)
Tere Estrada Band (Mexico)
Mike Garner Band (New Zealand)
Mukti and Revival (Nepal)
Robin and the New Revolution (Nepal)
Lochan Rijal (Nepal)
Night (Nepal)
Rock Sitar (Nepal)
Midnight Riders (Nepal)
Jocose (Nepal)
Looza (Nepal)
Hari Maharjan Project(Nepal)
Urja (Nepal)
Oh no! Blue efephant with no hat or straw is flying on air (Norway & Nepal NSV Faculty)
Knut Reiersrud (Norway)
The Jumping Cats (Russia)
Bert Deivert(Sweden)
Baba Richie and Raags (Sweden)
Magnus Rosen (Sweden)
Jose Luis Pardo Band (Spain/Argentina )
Chris Schreiner Project (USA)
Austin Walkin’ Cane (USA)
Sean Carney (USA)
Amy Hart (USA)
Izzy And Chris (USA)
JL Stiles and the Pax Armada (USA/Mexico/Spain)
Brad Kava (USA)
'Steady' Matt (USA)